Problems to be aware of when using plastic packaging.
Plastic packaging not only needs to meet the needs of the contents, but also meet the requirements of the product packaging function. Most of it is in color bags, but the color and other additives are toxic, so be sure to pay attention when using plastic bags: what can be used to hold it, and what can not be used to hold it. In the design of plastic packaging, we must meet these basic requirements, and we must pay attention to some problems in the use.
1.The plastic should have good wear resistance so that it can be used repeatedly without damage.
2.The packaging must have good practicability. It is necessary to consider the impact of product performance, transportation mode, use environment and storage environment on the product.
3.Colored plastic packaging cannot be used to hold high temperature foods. If it is food packaging, consider whether the packaging materials are safe.
4.Plastics must have good sealing properties, and different products have different requirements for the degree of sealing of the packaging.

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